Your website is at the centre of ALL marketing you do. You absolutely need a professional website with great content, that will inspire your ideal customer to take action. As an experienced marketer, web developer, graphic designer and copywriter, I manage all aspects of it for you.


Most business owners I work with have heard about SEO, but are not sure what it is or more importantly, why they need it. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about where you show up (or rank) on search engines like Google. I can manage your SEO for you so you can get on with business.


Is your social media marketing getting the results you want? Still confused as to what value social media can add to your bottom line? Don’t have time to figure it all out? I specialise in helping time-poor business owners set up a successful social marketing strategy to maximise their results and get sales.

“Julie has done a terrific job on my website. She listened to what I wanted, gave me advice where she thought it was needed and then promptly set off and got it done. She has created a website that has passed my expectations. It was not without some challenges but Julie managed to work these out and give me not only a lovely looking website but also one that is very functional.”

Angela Sinclair

Digestive Detective

“I love my website! I had my website redone at least 5 times. I did this because I was not truly happy with it, the look, feel, user ability or business results. I am proud of the website and the biggest thing is that it is getting results – I am have increased my leads by 120% which means more business and more money! Julie provided me with further advice blogging and social media which is key these days.”

Wyomie Robertson

Transform Life Coaching

“Mind officially blown!  Today I spent the afternoon with Julie who, without question, is the guru of all things website optimisation, marketing and business strategy. In a few short hours she completely assessed my goals and gaps and, with the ease and style that only an expert can achieve, sent me on my way with a wealth of valuable information and ideas (not to mention plenty of tasks to complete!).”

Jeremy Kesby

Kesby Investigations Group


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